A Maverick Merchant Cash Advance uses a pre-arranged fraction of your credit card sales as ongoing repayment. For convenience, we automatically deduct a percentage of your sales from your merchant processor.

  • Flexibility compared to traditional loans
  • Ideal for seasonal businesses
  • No collateral or personal guarantees required

Get up to $150,000 wired into your account within 72 hours. No impact on credit score or lengthy waits for approval. No restrictions on use of funds.

Merchant Cash Advances for Business Owners

Get a Business Cash Advance Today!

Maverick Capital Funding  believes that business funding should come with higher approval amounts, low rates, longer terms, and honest relationships. As a direct lender, we underwrite and lend our own money. This in-house structure expedites the lending process, allowing for quick approvals.  We pride ourselves on our understanding and accessibility, and look to create life-long relationships with our clients.

You will not be required to switch merchant processors. We will contact your existing processor and set up predetermined automatic deductions from a percentage of your sales.

Anywhere from 4-12 months typically, depending on the amount of the cash advance and a few other variables. For instance, if you have delinquencies on your credit report and it’s our first time investing in your business, payment terms could be shorter.

Underwriting Process Requirements:

  1. Copy of your 3 most recent merchant processing statements (if available)
  2. Copy of your 4 most recent bank statements (All pages-originals only -no internet copies accepted) Note: If the merchant’s business is seasonal we recommend providing 6 months of bank statements.

Documents Required:

  1. Copy of Lease (front page & signature page and or a signed lease extension letter if current lease has expired)
  2. Copy of Drivers License
  3. Copy of voided check for the business account where the money will be deposited and ACH’d.